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COSORI Air Fryer Max XL Review

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cosori max xl CP158-AF
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One thing that quickly becomes apparent when it comes to cooking with air fryers is that they’re a little more hands-on than a microwave or a toaster oven. That’s to say, you have to stay focused on the machine while it’s running. It’s important to pay attention while your food is cooking so you can remove the basket in a timely fashion in order to distribute the food evenly around a heat source. One misstep and your homemade pita chips look like you dragged them out of the fireplace.

Now, along comes the COSORI air fryer, looking to elevate the air frying game. It has come up with a design more square than round, giving you more space in your fryer while taking up only the same amount of counter space as a round air fryer that’s almost two quarts smaller. The improvement in the design means more air flowing around the food, cooking the entire meal evenly and often without having to flip the food – a big improvement over previous air fryers.

They boast that it’s the winner of the Red Dot award in design (no, we didn’t know what that meant either). What that means to us is that this air fryer is a well-designed gem.

To top it off, COSORI knows that the easiest way to make you fall in love with their appliance is to make you think less. To that end, it’s the Power Max XL comes with 12 billion presets…okay, we’re lying. It only comes with 11 presets, but that’s pretty good considering how easy an air fryer is to use in the first place.

A Deeper Look at the COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

Capacity: 5.8 quarts/Liters.
The squared-off design is quite useful in much the same way a rectangular casserole pan is better for cooking certain foods than a round cake pan. Plain and simple, there’s just more room for your food in here. Okay, there’s a LOT more room for your food (yes, we shouted that).

Materials: Non-stick coating.
The removable basket is made of the standard non-stick coated materials that you find in most air fryers. It’s dishwasher safe, PFOA-free and BPA -free.

Color and Design: Box and Basket design. Black, White, Burgundy
At first glance, the COSORI doesn’t look much like it’s really any different than anything else that’s out there. However, when you start to program it, you realize how much easier it is to read the blue LED screen.

Watts: 1700
That’s a monster on your counter but still using a standard US 120 volt outlet.

Temperature Range: 170°F to 400°F
The low end of the range raised some eyebrows. That is on par with dehydrators, but this air fryer isn’t really designed for doing more than some minimal chip and jerky work.

User Interface: Soft touch buttons/LED Displays

cosor air fryer presets
The front panel of the COSORI air fryer XL

Besides having full manual control over the time and temperature, there are eleven one-touch presets, some of which are well thought through:

  • Preheat: Runs for 5 minutes.
  • Keep Warm: 170° 5 minutes
  • Steak: 400° 6 minutes
  • Chicken: 380° 25 minutes
  • Fish: 350° 8 minutes
  • Shrimp: 370° 6 minutes
  • Bacon: 320° 8 minutes
  • Frozen: 350° 10 minutes (This may be more of a defrosting setting)
  • French Fries: 380° 25 minutes
  • Vegetables: 300° 10 minutes
  • Root Vegetables: 400° 12 minutes
  • Bread: 320° 8 minutes
  • Desserts: 300° 30 minutes

Alerts: There’s a shake alert that will tell you when it’s time to do an intermediary check on the food and turn over the wings, etc., but if you don’t have stacked food, there’s no reason to use this feature.

Cleaning: The basket and drip pan are both dishwasher safe. Avoid abrasives as they’ll be too harsh on the coating and may cause it to chip.

Dimensions of the COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

Machine: 11. 8 x 11. 8 x 12. 6 inches.
Basket Dimensions: 9 x 9 inches .The depth of the basket is 3.75 inches.
Cord Length: 3.5 feet long.

The heat exhaust is located in the back. The machine itself stays very cool to the touch during the entire cooking process.

Accessories: The air fryer accessories they offer as an add-on aren’t really anything to write home about. The basket is large enough that a standard eight inch cake pan will work. You’ll want to use silicone tongs to avoid scratching to the non-stick coating.

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Warranty: A one year warranty is offered.

Video Review of the COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

You might know we love Urvashi Pitre from
Check out her review on YouTube.

She thinks the jury is still out on presets but my experience is that they come pretty close to being on the mark, especially when you don’t try to stack the food like she mentions.

You’ll also want to dive into her cookbooks, Air Fryer Revolution and Every Day Easy Air Fryer.

What Others Say About the COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

This is a favorite of influencers everywhere. The people who are seasoned pros dislike the presets but love the capacity. It seems that the Red Dot Design Award was legit.

What the Owners Like

The owners actually love the presets and the preheat function (it keeps them from having to do math). Many said that it just takes over their kitchen and they have started doing most of their cooking in the air fryer.

What to Look Out For

Some recent reviews have come through complaining about non-functioning touch pads and poor builds. It’s possible that to meet demand, COSORI has switched manufacturers and this new business just isn’t getting the job done.

There should be no steam, leaking or rattling noises in your air fryer, no matter which one you buy. If you have a problem with your machine, request a return label right away.

Our Take

The COSORI Air Fryer Max XL is the top rated air fryer on Amazon for a reason. The design allows the machine to hold more food while still cooking everything through evenly.

There’s a new version of this air fryer but it has a dial setting. Not cool for those with arthritis.

This is the air fryer we looked at online and just had to go and buy. It’s affordable and a solid addition to any kitchen. The cool touch means it’s safe for kids to use, like when your teen is in the mood for frozen waffle fries. If it’s good for the kids, it’s good for the family.

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Resources for the COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

You can get a replacement basket for the COSORI here. I don’t know why you’d need one except if you’re planning on cooking multiple dishes for one meal. This would save you the hassle of waiting for the basket to cool down before you cleaned it so that you could go on with the meal prep.

Manual and Recipe Books

You can download the manuals and recipes books directly from the COSORI website. Click here to go to the COSORI downloads page. You’re looking for model CP158-AF.

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