Kalorik model FT 42174 Air Fryer

Kalorik FT 42174 [Review]

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Kalorik FT 42174 Air Fryer
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The Kalorik FT 42174 air fryer has been on the market for a while. I was once given one as a gift and it’s held up quite nicely. I thought I’d give it a review since people are still interested in purchasing it.

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A Deeper Look at the Kalorik FT 42174

Capacity: 3.2 Quarts
This is definitely on the smaller side for an air fryer. No, you can’t fit a chicken in this air fryer. Yes, you can fit a couple of eggs in a pan, whip up a batch of frozen french fries or toss up a nice vegetable medley for pasta.

Materials: – Nylon/Plastic Base. Teflon Coated basket and drip pan
The one thing I can say is that the Teflon® coating has held up much longer than I ever expected. The drip pan started to chip before the basket and the basket only has three chips in it after four years of heavy use. I don’t think it would have chipped at all except for some well-meaning guests who put the utensils in it while it was soaking in warm, sudsy water. Utensils and ceramic mugs will chip Teflon with no mercy.

If I could just keep my guests and friends from trying to be helpful, my appliances would last longer.
Nowadays, this air fryer doesn’t get used with food touching the metal bottom. There’s always perforated parchment paper lining it.

Color and Design: This air fryer is standard black and round. The basket separates from the drip pan with a push-button release. There’s a little plastic cover that slides over the button, reminding you not to push the button while you’re carrying it to a work or serving area.

The air inlet is on the top of the machine. The fan exhaust is located on the back in the middle of the unit.

Watts: 1400W
This is a decent wattage and it often feels like overkill if I’m just toasting up a sandwich. On the other hand, it heats up quickly – just about three minutes to its high temperature of 400° Fahrenheit.

Temperature Range: 170° to 400°

User Interface: LED Displays with touch-sensitive panel.
There are plus and minus buttons to move the temperature up or down in five degree increments.
The timer is measured in one minute increments.

Long hold the plus and minus buttons to avoid hearing a beep at every change.

Presets: The presets are all for air frying temperatures and times. Use the ‘M’ button to cycle through the menu. Press the power button to begin.

The first couple of times trying to run it were a little tricky.

If you want to pause the machine to shake the ingredients, add sauce or whatever, simply remove the basket from the base. The air fryer will pause automatically. It retains the settings, including the remaining time, for a short period.

If you want to stop the machine, hit the power button once. The machine will shut off after 20 seconds (which seems like an eternity). Shut off is indicated by five very loud beeps.

When the cooking time has completed, the clock will display 00:00 but will not shut off until 20 seconds has passed.

The longest time you can run the machine is 60 minutes.

Alerts: There are five beeps at the end of the cycle to let you and your neighbors know the cooking time has finished. It’s the loudest beep in my kitchen.

There’s a fan icon to let you know the machine is running. In the middle of this icon, a red light appears until the air fryer reaches its programmed temperature. It will come back on as the temperature drops and reheats, like any conventional oven.

Cleaning: Cleaning is very easy. Gently wipe up any excess food or grease with a paper towel and put the basket and drip pan in the dishwasher.

Machine: 13.5 x 11.5 x 13.5 inches

Cord Length: 46 inches

Basket Dimensions Diameter is 7.75 inches (That’s the inner dimension)
The basket is 3.5 inches deep.

The heat exhaust is located at the back Keep objects away from this area when in use.

Accessories: Metal Rack/Skewers
The rack isn’t any wider than about 7 inches. If you want to hold down sandwich bread or set a pan up away from the vent holes in the bottom of the basket, a 7 inch pan will rest on this.

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What Others Say About the Kalorik FT 42174

This has been a popular air fryer for a long time. Kalorik has released a couple of newer versions but they’re all basically the same, save for the color.

What the Owners Like

Owners like how quickly it heats up (about three minutes) and how well their food turns out.
Many people take a chance on this air fryer if it’s the first time they’re using one.

What to Look Out For

There’s definitely an appliance/plastic odor present when you first run the machine. In fact, I think I ran mine three times before that odor finally went away.

Our Take

The Kalorik FT 42174 is great for dorms and crisping up a batch of fries. I’ve tried everything from fried pickles to steak fillets. The only thing that doesn’t seem to cook well are chickens with the bone in.

If you’re just looking for a quick way to roast up some vegetable side dishes or a couple of veggie burgers, you can’t go wrong here.

If you’re planning on making larger meals in your air fryer, you might want to go with a larger capacity machine.

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Resources for the Kalorik FT 42174

KALORIK Customer Service Department
Team International Group of America Inc.
16175 NW 49th Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL 33014 USA

Call Toll Free: +1 888-521-TEAM / +1 888-KALORIK
Monday through Thursday from 9:00am – 5:00pm (EST) and Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm (EST)
Click here for the manual: Manual

Tips on Using the Kalorik FT 42174 Air Fryer

Kalorik recommends running the air fryer for about 20 minutes prior to using it to cook for the first time to burn off any grease and getting rid of that new appliance smell. We recommend running it for the full hour in a well-ventilated area. The odor isn’t harmful, just offensive.

Keep the air fryer at least four inches away from everything.

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