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Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer [Review]

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ultrean air fryer
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If the Ultrean brand out of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA isn’t familiar to you, it’s no wonder. They’ve only been around since 2018. As they’re the new kids on the block in a very competitive market, they’re working hard to establish themselves by offering quality products at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at model HF-8018LCD. This is a 1500 watt 4.2 quart air fryer. That’s usually enough power to get cook most plants and proteins. It has a surprisingly wide temperature range. The interior is coated with non-stick Teflon®. There’s a timer that shuts off the machine automatically after thirty minutes.

Let’s get a closer look at what this Ultrean air fryer can and can’t do.

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A Deeper Look at the Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer

Capacity: 4.2 Quarts/4 Liters.
It’s larger than it appears in the pictures. You’ll find more room in here than you would in say, the Kalorik FT- 42174, but it will also take up more counter space.

Materials: The basket and oil filter plate are coated with Teflon ® and all parts are BPA free. This air fryer is UL certified, meeting safety standards for small appliances.

Color and Design:
It comes in four colors; black, white, red and a sea foam green (which Ultrean refers to as “blue”). This offers plenty of options for diverse kitchen decors.

Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer in white
Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer in white.
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Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer in blue.
Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer in blue (teal).
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Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer in red.
Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer in red.
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Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer in black.
Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer in black.
Sold Out

Watts: 1500 (110 volt). Yes, this could be a problem if you’re running multiple appliances at once on the same circuit.

Temperature Range: 180 ° to 400 ° Fahrenheit.

While the upper end of this air fryer is pretty standard, the bottom end of the range – 180 degrees – is good for keeping things warm, re-heating a slice of pizza or even dehydrating small batches of vegetables or herbs that may be left at the end of your garden’s harvest.

User Interface:
The display itself is a blue LED lamp. There are two buttons apiece for adjusting the temperature and time.

ultrean HF-8018 interface
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Presets: There are no presets on the Ultrean HF-8018LCD.

Running: It preheats to 400 degrees in under 2 minutes. That’s a huge energy saver when compared to preheating your oven.

Cleaning: The oil filter plate and basket are both dishwasher safe. Don’t use abrasives on these as it may remove the non-stick coating. It should also be noted that you should resist the temptation to use the basket for soaking utensils and dishware. Anything that goes into the basket has the potential to scratch it which will most certainly cause the coating to chip and peel. Warn off any well-meaning roommates that think they’re doing everyone a favor by tossing everything in there to soak.

Dimensions of the Ultrean Airfryer

14.25 x 13.25 x 13 inches
Basket Dimensions:
Basket Diameter is 8.85 inches.
Basket Depth is 4.7 inches.

The heat exhaust/vent is located in the back of the machine. Keep objects away from this area when in use.

Warranty: 1 year

Accessories: Oil Filter (this sounds like it belongs in a car. It actually rests at the bottom of the basket).

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Check out this Quick Video Review

I’m a little concerned with the placement of the air fryer in this video. The vent is in the back which means anything behind it could get very hot. Having said that, she was right not to over crowd the basket and you can see that it comfortably handled eight frozen chicken wings.

Click here to visit Jaci Hynes’ YouTube Channel.

The Ultrean video on Amazon shows an entire chicken resting in the basket. That must have been a smaller chicken since the basket is less than five inches deep.

What Others Say About the Ultrean Airfryer

What the Owners Like

Many people start out with an affordable air fryer like this one. Keeping the presets and options out of the picture make this a very user friendly air fryer. Many people purchase this air fryer because it’s affordable and are interested in trying out an air fryer for the first time. The ease of operation and quick cooking times make believers out of many first time customers.

What to Look Out For

Some people have noted that it’s difficult to get the basket in and out of the oven. It really does need to be lined up accurately.

Our Take

The Ultrean HF-8018 is a reliable machine that is a great air fryer for those that just want to cook a side dish or a meal for two people. We weren’t too jazzed about the timer maxing out at 30 minutes but this is a minor inconvenience, especially when you usually have to check on the progress of the cooking and shake the basket intermittently anyway.

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Resources for the Ultrean 4.2 Quart HF-8018LCD Air Fryer

Replacement Tray

Since the replacement tray will take most of the abuse, the Teflon coating will peel off more quickly than it will off of the basket itself. Fortunately, you can order a new one from Ultrean here.

Ultrean HF-8018LCD Air Fryer Manual

For whatever stupid reason, Ultrean doesn’t post their manuals online. You can get one directly by emailing them at support@ultrean.com.

Recipes for the Ultrean 4.2 Quart Air Fryer

Their Quick Start Book is just that – ten recipes to get you started. If you want hand cut French fries or chicken breast, you just need this. Remember that you can convert any oven based recipe by reducing the time and temperature by 20 percent.

Tips on Using the Ultrean HF-8018LCD Air Fryer

Most people don’t preheat their air fryer before adding the food. Since it heats up so quickly, it really comes down to personal preference. I would highly recommend preheating the appliance since most recipes – especially those you convert from oven recipes – call for a preheated oven.

If you’re just getting started in your air frying adventures, you’ll probably want to start with the basics like cooking frozen french fries. Bone-in chicken seems to be the hardest thing to get right so don’t get frustrated if it isn’t working out like your recipe.

Ultrean HF-8018LCD Airfryer
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