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Air Fryer Accessories

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When you purchase an air fryer, you might not think you need anything else. However, as you start getting more comfortable using your machine, you’ll probably think of a few things that would be useful for getting the job done more quickly. Here’s a run down of a few things to consider.

Air Fryer Accessory Kit

Accessory kits used to be great when first starting out. The problem these days is that so many resellers are now in the game, you’ll get bundles of things where two out of the five things are useful and the rest are garbage.

These days, it’s better to separate the hits from the misses. Especially when you want to be sure everything you and your friends and family ingest can be digested.

Oil Spritzer

You’ll constantly be spritzing or spraying something. I know that spritzing sounds like some sort of violent yoga/plyometrics bootcamp or a cousin to the toy poodle, but you’ll definitely be hunting one or two down when your fingers go numb from tossing frozen French fries.

This bottle keeps the light from your oil which is helpful for keeping it from going rancid. It also has the added advantage of eliminating “urine sample” comments from drunk guests who wander into your kitchen.

Buy on Amazon

Parchment Liners

I’m always using parchment paper in my air fryer for things like reheating pastries (I don’t own a toaster oven anymore, just an upright toaster). This seems a little over the top but in the end, it saves me time and paper compared to cutting them to size myself.

These are bleach-free and reasonably priced. The link goes to the smallest option (7-inches) but there are size options available all the way up to ten inches.

paper liners
Click the image to check them out on Amazon.

Grill Mat

A reusable alternative to parchment paper. You can buy the mesh version or get the solid type and just punch some holes in them. Just be sure you have ventilation on the bottom and the mat is PTFE free.

Not easy to find. You’ll probably have to buy a full-sized mat and trim it down to size. Just be sure you get one that can be trimmed. Many have fibers in them that should never see the light of day.

Smaller Baking Pans

The first time I tried to fit a baking pan in my 3.2L Kalorik air fryer, I had a rude awakening. I didn’t have a single pan that fit in my basket. I saw a video on YouTube that said the 8-inch pans from Dollar General would fit but that didn’t work either. I started out by looking for pans and I found these that work pretty well.

The pie pan and cake pan are typical of the type of accessories that you’ll get as bonuses included with a purchase. They’re described as a cake barrel and pizza pan. At 7 inches across, there’s not much room for more than a decent slice. The pie pan (barely) holds one cup (8 ounces) of liquid and the deeper pan holds four cups.

air fryer cake pans
Click on the image to check price on Amazon.

They’re non-stick pans. Remember to never use aerosol spray oils in these pans or in your air fryer if it’s coated with a Teflon® non-stick finish (which is why most recipes call for spritzing your food with oil). Those aerosols will eat right through the coating and wind up in your food. You’ll be raging at the manufacturers but it’s the aerosols that should be cursed again.

Here’s another pic with a stick of butter in it to show the actual size.


Here they are inside my old Kalorik air fryer. Apologies for the blurry photo.
pans in the air fryer basket


Grill tongs are great but they can scratch a non-stick coating. Be sure and get the silicone type.

Silicone Pastry/Basting Brush

I know they’re not as awesome as the O.G. brushes that look like the ones that artists use, but they’re heat resistant and dishwasher safe so there’s less worry about bacteria or cross contamination.

This particular pair of brushes is BPA Free, rated up to 446° Fahrenheit and have been known to pass the “pinch test”. It’s become a popular test for checking to see if your silicone bakeware has any fillers. It’s easy to do. You just stretch the silicone. If it’s true silicone, it will hold its color. If you start to see white underneath, the accessory has filler in it. That filler may or may not be food grade.

Click image to check price on Amazon

Silicone Everything

Really. You’ll want to try making muffins or brownies and the regular tins can scratch the basket but the paper cups are flimsy. Get silicone cups and anything else that looks like it might fit in there.

You can fit 7 regular sized cupcake molds into a 3.5 liter air fryer but the sides will touch the basket and this might not be a wise decision since silicone molds will melt. Stick to six cups to leave a little breathing room.


NOTE: This particular set of silicone liner cups did NOT pass our pinch test! Yes, it says it’s food grade silicone in the description but there were definitely white stripes in-between the ribs.

Rumor has it that our favorite OXO cups failed the test, too. That’s just heart-breaking.

However, it seems that a company called Freshware has got game.

These are the same type of cups that definitely passed with flying colors.

silicone cupcake cups
Click the image to check out these standard size cupcake cups that passed the pinch test on Amazon.

Commercial French Fry Cutter

If you catch Air Fryer Fever, you’ll eventually want to start experiment with different types of potatoes and French Fry recipes (ever heard of truffle oil frite?). You’ll find a Sopito an invaluable accessory.


I don’t know why other people don’t mention this, but when you’re juggling metal baskets and assorted ramekins, you need lots of trivets. Heated Pyrex on a cold surface can explode and it’s nice to be able to pull the baskets out of the fryer without worrying about where you’re going to set it if there’s a trivet waiting right in front of it.
This one is 11 inches in diameter and will withstand temperatures up to 480° Fahrenheit.

If you want to make your own, check out the video below. These DIY River Rock Trivets are made with rocks from the Dollar Tree. If you want to make them a little more stable, use a cork bottom.

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